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Horse Stalls, Outdoor Stables, Barn Doors & Windows, Paddock Pens and more

Durability, functionality, high quality and timeless design – that is what Röwer & Rüb products stand for. In this section you find information about our horse stalls, outdoor stables, paddock pens, doors and windows for your horse barn, and more barn equipment and stable accessories.

Horse stalls and stall partitions

The Röwer & Rüb high quality horse stalls are made of carefully selected material, such as stainless steel and Bamboo wood. Discover our elegant horse stalls with open stall fronts, sliding doors, hinged doors, and more individual horse stall solutions.

Outdoor horse stables

The Röwer & Rüb outdoor horse stables provide an excellent solution for horse stabling. Our outdoor stables can be built for almost any required quantity of horse stalls and we offer several extras such as space for tack rooms, storerooms, extra-large horse stalls and more.

Barn doors and windows

Röwer & Rüb offers impressively designed barn end doors, barn doors, Dutch doors, barn windows and yokes. Our high-quality products are designed with a focus on functionality, durability and to make equestrian buildings look especially elegant.

Paddock pens

The Röwer & Rüb paddock pens complement our horse stall product range. Our paddock pens are available in numerous sizes and can be either connected to the horse stall or they can be built without any connection to the horse stable.

Barn accessories and stall equipment

The Röwer & Rüb grooming stalls and washing bays, automatic waterers, feeders and more extras complete every horse stable.

Discover the Röwer & Rüb products for your horse barn on our website and contact us with any questions. We´re looking forward to support you finding the best products for your barn. We welcome your quote request or call!Request a quote

About us

The Röwer & Rüb GmbH, designs and manufactures best-quality products for equestrian facilities - horse stalls, horse walkers, outdoor stables, and more. We´re proud to offer the perfect solution for any project, from a small outdoor stable, a private riding facility, to an exclusive equestrian center. Read more about us here.


The Röwer & Rüb services complement our products and we offer consulting, planning, visualization and product installation. Read more about our service here.

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