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Horse Stall Partitions

We offer a great selection of partition walls for horse stalls, to find the best solution for all kind of horse temperaments, for all kind of horse barn uses, and for the climate in any location. All Röwer & Rüb stall partitions are available as made of hot-dip galvanized steel, powder coated hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. The materials and finishing can also be combined. They might be customized with additional cross beams and each partition is combinable with any stall front wall of Röwer & Rüb.

Our partition wall systems are robust and secure thanks to a fully welded all-round frame. As with our stall fronts, also the bars of the partitions are indirectly welded and the space between the bars is 1.97´. This space size is recommended by the German Equestrian Federation to prevent hooves and legs to get trapped. The lower sections of the separation walls are filled with Bamboo and the bottom section, that gets in contact with the muck, is filled with the moisture-repellent hardwood Bongossi.

The Röwer & Rüb horse stall partition walls:

Partition walls for highest social contact

Our partitions with a full grille top are the perfect choice for horses that are friendly with their neighbors. These partitions allow social contact between the horses and enable the best possible venting of the stall.

Partition walls for horses that need privacy while eating

Our partition walls with a 2/3 grille and privacy panel are made for horses that are jealous about food. This flexible solution allows social contact and provides privacy while eating. These partitions also enable venting of the stall and are available in a straight or curved design.

Partition walls for horses that need much privacy

Our partition walls with 1/3 center grille and privacy panel are the best solution for horses that need a lot of privacy. While separating the horses well, these partitions still allow a little social contact.

Solid partition walls

Our solid stall partitions provide full privacy for the horse. Even though, we recommend enabling social contact for the horse, there might be situations where a total separation of the horses might be necessary.

Horse stall partition wall systems:

Mucking out is easy with Röwer & Rüb partition walls. We provide the best solution for your mechanized stall cleaning process with our different partition wall systems. The stall fronts and partitions can be combined in many variations. You can configure your stalls individually, irrespective of whether you prefer sliding or hinged stall partitions.

The tilting and sliding partition is suitable for horse stalls that are deeper than wide.


The sliding partition wall allows to place the horses on the stable aisle while mucking out.


The hinged partitions are suitable for manure removal of a row of stalls.


For mechanized mucking out from the stable aisle, swiveling front walls, that can be opened completely, are the best solution.


Our sales team is looking forward providing more information and answering all of your questions. We are looking forward to support you finding the best products for your barn. We welcome your quote request or call!Request a quote

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