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The changing world of agriculture

A contemporary equestrian facility with an exemplary design has been erected in Luxembourg - the Meeschhaff riding and therapy stables.

"Everything started with the need to find a new direction for our agricultural business.  We still have 150 milk cows and used to have another 100 suckler cows. Today this is no longer profitable," explains Ben Sutor, owner of the facility and now a qualified horse farm manager specialising in breeding and equine management.
When walking through the facility it becomes apparent how well-designed the concept is.  From the boarding and training horse stables with large, light Röwer&Rüb stalls it is only a short walk to the indoor and outdoor riding arenas, the oval Röwer&Rüb horsewalker, the paddocks and the pastures.  The ten teaching horses carry around 40 children every week.  "Teaching is an important part of our business, as riding is very popular in Luxembourg and we want to give the children the opportunity to learn how to ride and handle horses," Sutor adds.
The therapy and wellness area has the very latest equipment.  An aquatrainer, a spa, a solarium and dryer, a walking belt and a vibration board as well as magnetic field therapy are all available. Everything you need is fitted and arranged in a way that it can be safely used by horse and therapist.  This equipment is also "Made in Germany". Activo-Med and Summerwind were awarded the contract for equipping the therapy area.  Separate stables for up to six horses are located next to the therapy area.  "The horses undergoing rehabilitation treatment should receive the best possible care. This is why we wanted to ensure short distances and naturally more peace and quiet than in the large stables," Sutor continues.  The horses are taken care of during their rehabilitation treatment by osteopath Bernhard Richelmann and vet Dr. Renck. Ingo Wenner, the farrier at the stables, is always on call to answer questions and provide assistance.
The concept is successful.  The riding facilities and therapy centre are well booked.  
Meeschhaff can be visited online at https://www.facebook.com/Meeschhaff.lu/timeline as well as at www.meeschhaff.lu.



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