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Classical equestrianism in the idyllic Alpine foothills

Gut Rosenhof is located to the south west of Munich, embedded in the wonderful landscape of the Alpine foothills. At Anja Beran’s equestrian centre, classical horsemanship is a true passion. The stables, indoor and outdoor riding arenas and the gardens have been designed to make horses and their riders feel completely at home.

The training concept at Gut Rosenhof is sophisticated, rounded and holistic. Future instructors in the classic equestrian disciplines are trained at the facility for more than six years. At the end they have mastered everything - from breaking in young horses to piaffe. The entire training course is based entirely on the well-being of the horse. Harmony between rider and horse is the main focus.

Gut Rosenhof can accommodate 48 horses. Seven are training horses of the Anja Beran Foundation that are made available to future instructors. All other stallions are at the facility for training or correction. The Schwaiganger and Marbach rural studs also have their warmblood and Arabian stallions trained by Anja Beran.

The Anja Beran Foundation does not focus exclusively on teaching classical equestrianism. The general well-being of animals is one of the cornerstones of the foundation. For this reason not only senior horses can enjoy their final years at Gut Rosenhof. Camels, goats, pigs, dogs, deer and many feathered friends are also at home there.

Anja Beran’s team enjoy having visitors look over their shoulders. From May to October anyone who is interested can watch them at their morning’s work. Seminars and workshops are also regularly held at Gut Rosenhof. The doors are opened to all fans of classical equestrianism from around the world at the annual “Classical Dressage” workshops which are held in English. Anja Beran’s knowledge and skill is in demand all over the world. Seminars and training courses will be also held in many countries this year such as the United States, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, to name but a few.

The architectural concept of Gut Rosenhof always follows the maxim of offering all creatures that live and work on the farm peace and relaxation. Generously dimensioned horse stalls and paddocks give the horses everything they need. The buildings, gardens and landscape help the people at the facility find harmony and balance.

Anja Beran is supported by her husband Prof. Dr. Volkmar Nüssler. The man at her side encourages her in all her activities in the field of classical equestrianism and can also relax and get away from the daily grind at the farm.

We wish Anja Beran continuing success in conveying her comprehensive knowledge in the art of riding in harmony with horses. We would naturally also like to thank her for her ongoing trust and confidence in our company and products.

All dates for seminars, workshops and morning work can be viewed at www.anjaberan.de.


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