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Equestrian facility with that special something - Mount St. John

Emma Blundell has built a chic new stable facility on her parent's farm to the north of the city of York.

This independent young British lady was not born into an equestrian family. However, her parents allowed her and her sister to have the riding lessons they longed for at a local riding school. The shy attempts of a 7-year-old developed into a tremendous passion and her profession.

Together with her mother, Emma Blundell runs the centre which now features attractive new horse stables. These exactly match the corporate design of the Mount St. John facility, and the logo has the same colour. Which simply adds that little something extra.
The 120 horses currently at the centre are managed by a staff of 11. This team has to regularly train 16 young riding horses that are shown at competitions. This year Emma Blundell was able to chalk up considerable successes at the British Dressage National Finals with the 5-year-old dressage horses. Emile Faurie, the trainer of Emma Blundell and Charlotte Dujardin, her personal role model, also ride some of the older dressage horses with great success.

Emma Blundell is also a very successful breeder. There are currently around 50 breeding mares and 30 young mares at Mount St. John. With a great deal of practical knowledge and a feeling for the right breeding pairs, 25 foals were already born this year at Mount St. John. The stallions are mainly from the Hanoverian and Dutch breeding areas and bear such famous names as Dimaggio, Desperados or Johnson.

We were very pleased that we were able to create such a special stable environment and would like to thank the Blundell family for their confidence in our products. We would naturally also like to thank our British partners 21st Century Horse for their great cooperation.

We wish the team all the best for the future and continuing success in their sporting and breeding projects!

For more information of the Mount St. John equestrian facility visit www.mountstjohnequestrian.co.uk.



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