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A new oval teomatic horsewalker with track roof in Westphalia

The oval horse walker Teomatic is bringing more excitement to the stallion station Beckmann. This prestigious breeding station one of the first addresses has made its name in breeding as well as in sport.

Since the 10 x 22 meter facility is operating several hours every day, and the horsewalker is equipped with corrugated fiber cement sheet roofing, this horsewalker can take up to 7 horses at the same time. Suitable to the breeding facility, the internal and external walls are made of bricks, and are also equipped with grid elements. Like this, the horsewalker is offering high standard of safety to the horses.

Shortly after the initial operation, Mr. Beckmann is enthusiastic about the horsewalker, and feels particularly confident about its reliability. We are glad that we have been able to contribute a little to the success of this stallion station.



7,000 square metres of ideas for hands-on testing. Unique in Germany and probably in the world - we
are pleased to present our new show park.

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A good management covering all aspects of the horse is crucial for success, whether in sport, breeding or simply for personal pleasure. Here at Röwer & Rüb, we are pleased to be able to help you a little along the way.
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