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A P McCoy awards new stabling contract

19 times Champion Jockey A P McCoy has awarded 21st Century Horse Ltd a contract for 26 stable fronts and associated partitions for his new barn at Lodge Down Stables in Lambourn.

The equipment, manufactured by German specialist engineering company Röwer & Rüb, are the same as those fitted for Clive Cox at his new facility, also at Lambourn. Mr McCoy commented: “Having at first considered other options, we were so impressed with Clive’s yard that it was an easy decision to go for the superior quality of these units. We particularly appreciated the thought that goes into the overall design, geared to protecting the horse and making the equipment easy to operate.”

The units at Clive Cox’s yard are from Röwer & Rüb’s popular ‘Verden’ range and were also specified at Marco Botti’s Prestige Place yard at Newmarket. They feature 50mm galvanised “C section” steel frames with 32mm bamboo inserts complete with ventilation slots.

The use of bamboo in stabling was pioneered by Röwer & Rüb some 14 years ago. John Deeley, 21st Century Horse’s managing director and R&R’s partner in the UK and Ireland, says: “By replacing a hardwood with a form of renewable grass, we offer an ‘eco-friendly’ option. In addition bamboo is stronger, does not warp or shrink, and horses don’t crib on it.”

John continues: “Mr McCoy visited Clive’s new yard and was very impressed by the design, quality and workmanship of the whole installation. While not a household name in the UK equestrian field, we are beginning to make an impact in both the racing and sport horse markets for the quality of our stabling and horse-walkers which also feature a unique drive system.”

The barn is being built by Northern Ireland-based contractor M & A Developments.



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