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Walking rounds in an oval - Oval horsewalkers are becoming increasingly popular Horses need exercise. This is an undisputed fact. Our horses graze on juicy, green pastures, are fed oats and muesli and also enjoy the occasional delicious snack. For an animal which was actually designed for life in barren steppes, this food is more than sufficient. The way we use our horses today means that they need this nourishment. Modern horsekeeping therefore makes it necessary for us to make sure our cherished sport and recreation partners get enough exercise. Long grazing periods are naturally an optimum balance to daily work in the arena or hall, and also for relaxation. But do horses really move enough on the pastures?

Horsewalkers are an effective aid to make sure that horses get the exercise they need. They also have the positive effect that they improve the horses’ condition and can also be used, for example, for resuming training of recuperating horses.

Oval horsewalkers are becoming increasingly popular - for a good reason. “Oval horsewalkers have the advantage that they also fit on land or in existing facilities which are very long but not very wide.  They can be made with a narrower design than round horsewalkers for the same number of horses,” explains Etienne Rossler, Sales Manager at Röwer & Rüb. “Today customers of riding facilities and boarding stables expect that a horsewalker is provided. If there was insufficient room, then there was no horsewalker. The oval systems are the solution to this problem, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular,” Rossler continues.

Oval horsewalkers can also be installed in existing halls or barns with a width of 10 metres or more. As the inside of oval horsewalkers is always free, it can be used as additional storage room or extra walking space for the horses. Suitable gates, either hinged or sliding, are fitted into the inner fence elements.

All horsewalkers require robust fences, as their secure fixtures are mounted outside the track. This is necessary to prevent injuries caused by stumbling. The safety grills are often a matter of preference. However, a study by the University of Göttingen has shown that horses feel most comfortable when they can see other horses and nothing makes banging noises.

Röwer & Rüb

Röwer & Rüb GmbH, based in Thedinghausen, has been building stable facilities since 1978. Eighty employees handle the projects, which are mainly tailored to customer needs and wishes, from the initial contact to production and installation. Horsewalkers have also been part of the product portfolio since 1988. Oval horsewalkers were included in 2012. The company’s show park and exhibition area in Thedinghausen features all full-size Röwer & Rüb products where they can be personally viewed and tested.


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The Röwer & Rüb GmbH, designs and manufactures best-quality products for equestrian facilities - horse stalls, horse walkers, outdoor stables, and more. We´re proud to offer the perfect solution for any project, from a small outdoor stable, a private riding facility, to an exclusive equestrian center. Read more about us here.


The Röwer & Rüb services complement our products and we offer consulting, planning, visualization and product installation. Read more about our service here.

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