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The Röwer & Rüb oval horsewalker is running again in Thedinghausen

The oval horsewalker with a tarpaulin roof in the show park in Thedinghausen was dismantled in December, sent to Spain and reassembled there. Now a brand new oval horsewalker, to which several changes have been made, is on display in Thedinghausen. It was previously shown at the EQUITANA 2017 trade fair in Essen.

  • The horsewalker has a size of 22 x 10 m.
  • The 3.50 m wide track roof consists of a galvanized steel structure.
  • The roof structure made of solid timber purlins is covered with wood panelling consisting with a framework liner and sheet metal panels with the appearance of bricks, in anthracite – a zinc roof gutter finishes off the roof.
  • Fence elements with a hardwood infill are installed as an external and internal track limitation. The steel frames of the fence elements are also powder-coated in anthracite.
  • A sliding door element is installed for the entrance. The various safety grilles and the various rubber floor options can be examined in the facility.
  • As a certified company, Röwer & Rüb meets all requirements of EN 1090 and the associated regulations for the erection of steel supporting structures.
  • The overall appearance of the facility meets the most demanding aesthetic requirements - the many design options can be used for each detail.

Of course, visitors to the “Ausstellungspark” in Thedinghausen can see the facility in operation and can test the possibilities of the switchbox with additional options.

The oval horsewalkers offer the advantage that the horses can always walk straight for a certain distance. In addition, these facilities can be built where there is not enough space for a round facility. They can also be built around obstacles – trees or, for example, supports in an existing arena.

We have accompanied the installation of the oval horsewalker so that an interesting video has been created. Have fun watching!



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