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Stall fronts with sliding door and segmental arch for extra safety

It may not always be necessary to reinvent the wheel, but it is always possible to improve existing products. 

This one of the guiding principles of the family-owned company Röwer & Rüb from Thedinghausen. The stable designer continuously works on improving one of its bestsellers, the classic "Hamburg" sliding door. "It used to be standard procedure to mount the runner above the front and segmental arch of the door.  However, this involves a certain element of risk, as a rearing horse could in theory catch its hoof, depending on the size of the gap.  We thought about how we could improve this deficit while retaining the chic style of the stall.  "We have now succeeded in achieving this goal with our "Hamburg" model," explains Rüdiger Deckert, CEO of Röwer & Rüb. The runner for the door is now seamlessly integrated into the front.

The stall door lock has also undergone a make-over as part of the improvements.  "We decided to use a concealed lock. This makes handling much more convenient," Deckert continues.

Röwer & Rüb is renowned in the sector as a pioneer when it comes to safety, functionality and attractive styling.



7,000 square metres of ideas for hands-on testing. Unique in Germany and probably in the world - we
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A good management covering all aspects of the horse is crucial for success, whether in sport, breeding or simply for personal pleasure. Here at Röwer & Rüb, we are pleased to be able to help you a little along the way.
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For more than 30 years, Röwer & Rüb have concentrated on the manufacturing and installation of high quality equestrian sport systems.

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