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Stallion stud for genetic variety

Whitchurch in the west of England is the new home of some very special stables. Maintaining genetic variety in horse breeding is the daily business of Stallion AI.

Tullis Matson and his team have set up a centre for artificial insemination of mares and a huge semen bank with more than 10,000 canisters from more than 700 stallions. Not only the semen of popular, modern stallions is collected and stored here, care is also taken to preserve old, traditional horse races. For this reason, in 2011 it received the Marsh Christian Award for Conservation in Genetic Bio-Diversity.

The centre also has space to accommodate 38 stallions. “Stallion studs are always a challenge. The horses should not be isolated from one another, but precautions are necessary to ensure that they do not bite or injure each other. For this reason we built the stalls 2.80 m high and the partition walls are even 3.30 m high. The stall doors have hinged flaps so that the stallions can look out,” explains Niek Wolters from Röwer&Rüb.

Each year just over 300 mares are inseminated in Twemlows Hall or come for embryo transfer. The team has a great deal of equestrian knowledge and is experienced, the technical facilities and laboratories are in line with the state of the art.

Not only Tullis Matson selects the best stallions for his semen bank, breeders can also come to Twemlows Hall with their stallions and keep the semen in storage there or have it sent to the owners of mares all over the world.

The centre has grown continuously over the past 18 years. We wish Tullis Matson and his team that this will continue in the future. All the best for this great project!

For more information visit www.stallionai.co.uk or facebook at www.facebook.com/stallionai.


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