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Our partitions are available either with or without a cross-board in the centre.


Partitions for sociable horeses

Contact grills have proven successful in the feed intake area of sociable animals.

Partitions for enviously horses

Solid panels in the feeding areas are effective for calming horses that covet the fodder of the other horses. The solid panels match the front walls and are available in straight versions or curved versions.

Partitions with limited sozial contact

Central grills separate horses from one another to a somewhat greater degree, while still permitting contact.

Partitions with complete camouflage

Even if it is actually preferable to permit contact between the horses, there are situations in which solid panels can be advisable.

Mucking out is easy with the right partition wall. If you want a mechanised solution for cleaning your stalls, a number of different systems are available.

The stall fronts and partitions can be freely combined. You can configure your stalls individually, irrespective of whether you prefer sliding or or hinged partitions.

The rotating and sliding partition is suitable for
stalls that are deeper than wide.

Sliding partitions allow horses into the passageway during mucking out.

Hinged partitions permit manure removal from rows of stalls.

If individual stalls are cleaned from the front with an articulated arm, the hinged front wall is an ideal solution.

Robust and secure

The all-round frame ensures maximum safety. As on the stall fronts, the bars are indirectly welded to the frame and are 50 mm apart. The lower crossboard is made of moisture-repellent hardwood, the 1.30 m high wood infill of bamboo or hardwood.

Matches the stall front

All models are available in galvanized or powder-coated design or of a stainless steel construction. All materials can naturally be combined with one another.

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