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Solarium Light & De Luxe

Both systems offer maximum convenience and comfort for all needs. While the Light model is available in various ver-sions, the De Luxe model features an integrated, powerful air circulation system. The underside of the horse is therefore also optimally dried.

De Luxe: UV- and IR radiation with integrated high - power air flow

While the horse is being dried, the rising warm air is sucked in and blown down under the horse´s body through the adjustable air vents. This permanent circulation of warm air offers optimum drying of your horse even around the belly


  • 30 IR lamps
  • 18 fans
  • 18 directional air vents with 2-step switching
  • integrated air circulation system
  • various special features possible


Light - Expandable modular design

Two fans are integrated into the top of each unit. They provide the system with fresh air, which is heated and then emitted through the directional air vents.

Light IV

  • 4 modules with 20 IR-lamps
  • 8 fans
  • directional air slots
  • special features possible


Light III (3 Module)

  • 3 modules with 15 IR-lamps
  • 6 fans
  • directional air slots
  • special features possible


Light II (2 Module)

  • 2 modules with 10 IR-lamps
  • 4 fans
  • directional air slots
  • special features possible




  • Practical shape and function
  • Simple operation
  • Separate control panel
  • UV and IR light with individual adjustment
  • Extra control of air flow
  • Integrated air flow (patented)
  • Selective alignment of directional warm air vents
  • Individual adjustment of treatment time
  • Fully variable height with integrated lifting device
  • Four or two point suspension

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