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Round Horsewalker TEOMATIC


With inside arena

Snow, rain, ice – with a track roof you don‘t have to worry about the increasingly changeable weather. A track roof naturally also makes the choice of track structure and its maintenance easier. We supply various designs for different situations.

The Teomatic ring horsewalker can be delivered with a Classic, Premium or Teoline track roof. The inner area always remains clear. With the Teoline model, a wind protection net can also be installed inside.

 Roof overhang ofSnow load
Classic model3,20 mup to 2,5 kN/m²
Premium model3,80 mup to 1,6 kN/m²
Teoline model3,50 mup to 5,0 kN/m²

The Teomatic track roof can be constructed with supports on the inside and outside due to the patented ring horsewalker. As a result even higher snow loads up to 5 kN/m² can be mastered with ease. The track roof is 3.50 m wide. The interior area is completely unobstructed.


Attachment instead of installation

When space is tight, a little experience and fantasy is required. As the cherished lungeing arena with a diameter of 22 metres (24 yards) was not to be smaller, we have simply converted the existing round arena with a slanted roof and the ring horsewalker Converted Teomatic. The results: A bright, airy horsewalker with a 28 m (approx. 31 yards) diameter for up to ten horses. The outside wall of the lungeing arena is preserved in order to enable concentrated work even with the horsewalker running. In particular the Teomatic ring horsewalker and the oval horsewalker offer practical solutions even under difficult conditions thanks to the clear inner area. We‘ll be happy to show you additional examples.


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7,000 square metres of ideas for hands-on testing. Unique in Germany and probably in the world - we
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