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Round Horsewalker TEOMATIC


Round arenas

A good, intelligent investment, either with or without a horsewalker

Lungeing, free exercise, riding, floor work - round horsewalker arenas are really versatile.

The Teomatic ring horsewalker can be delivered with a Classic or Multiline round
arena. The inner area is completely clear and can be used as a lungeing ring or
for riding.




 SupportCarrierSnow load
ClassicIPEIPEup to 1,6 kN/m²
MultilineIPE or roundIPE or laminated timber beamsup to 5,0 kN/m²

Round arena Classic

The Classic round arenas are the result of decades of experience in the construction of horsewalker and lungeing arenas. The Classic round arenas are constructed with 10 corners up to a diameter of 20 m, and larger halls with 12 corners.
Many wishes can be satisfied with a wide range of roof and wall versions. We take care of everything including the porch, guttering, wind-breaker net and foundation work. A Freimatic or Teomatic horsewalker can of course be installed at any time.

Rundhalle Multiline -
working under an unusual roof

The Multiline round arena has a very different appearance. The beams made of laminated wood are borne by round supports. The Multiline round arena can naturally also be supplied as a lungeing arena. The different roof and wall versions are the same as those of the the Classic round arenas – as is the additional equipment.

Round wall – without corners

We generally equip round arenas with the fence elements or the straight wood wall. If, however, you prefer round walls to straight elements, our round wall is the right choice for you.

Round wall blocks of shaped laminated wood are screwed between the supports and are finished with outside cladding and on the inside with a ring of larch or red ironwood.

The bottom edge is finished with a stone or concrete base.The round wall is not only attractive to look at, the ring is also ideal for demanding lungeing work as well acting as a barrier for a horsewalker.



The result of personal consultation

Although we always place great emphasis on horse-friendly design, individual constructions and equipment are naturally also possible.

Our consultants all over the world are very competent and familiar with local planning regulations and the weather conditions - whether these may be a desert climate, high rainfall or snow loads. Planning application drawings and structural engineering calculations are always included in the scope of supply.

Irrespective of their different appearances, customised walking and lungeing arenas always provide ideal working conditions for horses and riders. See for yourself!

Entrance area

The roof on the entrance area makes entering and exiting the round arena much more relaxed as the horses do not try to turn  in the direction of the wind in bad weather. Halters, blankets and accessories can be stored in a dry place and the horses can be observed in peace. All our round arenas are available with a front porch with a single or double pitch roof as well as with a  two-wing swing gate.


Many good reasons to choose a round arena from Röwer & Rüb

  • Easy-to-build foundations
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel structure, also for high snow loads
  • Large roof overhang for protection against driving rain – with higher eaves upon request
  • Ventilation roof ridge to prevent accumulation of heat
  • Several wall and barn door versions – safe and durable
  • Individual features such as guttering, wind protection net, porches, sprinklers and supply of the track possible
  • Ready for subsequent installation of the Freimatic suspended
  • horsewalker or the Teomatic ring horsewalker

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