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Track roof


Track roofs

Use your horsewalkers in all weathers

Snow, rain, ice – with a track roof you don't have to worry about the increasingly changeable weather. A track roof naturally also makes the choice of track structure and its maintenance easier.

Freimatic track roof

The gallows-style steel structure is available in two different widths and versions, while the width of the track itself is always the same.

Teoline track roof

With the Teomatic ring horsewalker the structure can be equipped with inner and outer supports. High snow loads are therefore unproblematic.

We supply different options for both horsewalkers Freimatic and Teomatic.


Roofing with corrugated fibre cement sheets, exclusive solid wood fence elements, hardwood

Roofing with trapezoidal steel sheets, standard wooden fence elements, hardwood

Roofing with corrugated fibre cement sheets, exclusive solid wood fence elements, softwood

Roofing with trapezoidal steel sheets, exclusive fence elements, hardwood, withwind protection net.

Roofing with trapezoidal steel sheets, standard fence elements, softwood

Roofing with corrugated fibre cement sheets, standard fence elements, hardwood with wind protection net

Also suitable for existing horsewalkers


The hot-dip galvanised track roofs are available in widths from 3.20 - 3.80 m. This means that sufficient weather protection is provided even against driving rain, especially if the outside wall is clad with a wind protection net.

The Teoline track roof has a roof width of 3.50 m and is also available for covering the oval Teomatic horsewalker. It can be equipped with an outside and inside wind  protection net. All track roofs can be naturally be combined with our fence elements. 

Safe without corners and edges

As the roof supports are made of tube profiles, they are free from sharp corners and edges. With an eaves height of approx. 2.60 m, the roof also provides sufficient space for exercising large horses.

Static engineering & snow load

We naturally also carry out all construction work in compliance with applicable regional structural engineering regulations. The Teoline track roof is particularly suitable for very high wind and snow loads, as it is equipped with supports on both the inside and outside. The structural engineering calculations are included in the scope of supply and we will be pleased to advise you on any aspects of building regulations.

The right solutions for all needs

Fencing made of fence elements is an attractive and importantly a safe barrier for your horsewalker. Other wall constructions are naturally also possible. These include a straight or round wooden wall with inside liner board and wooden timber or brickwork outside.

To ensure that all requirements are met, we also offer additional services in addition to the main elements

• Steel construction
• Roof
• Fence elements

• Horsewalker including

• Guttering
• Wind protection net
• Sprinklers
• Porches

We also supply turn-key solutions including

• Earthworks and foundations
• Track
• Power and lighting


Teomatic track roof with inside arena

The Teomatic track roof can be constructed with supports on the inside and outside due to the patented
ring horsewalker. As a result even higher snow loads up to 5 kN/m² can
be mastered with ease. The track roof is 3.50 m wide. The interior area is completely unobstructed.

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