Horse boxes, horsewalkers and stable equipment from one source

Röwer & Rüb can provide more than just interior equipment for your horse stables or riding facility. Röwer & Rüb can do more than just supply horse stalls. For over 40 years we have been manufacturing stable and hall doors, paddock doors and stable windows to lend your riding facilities a harmonious appearance.

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The focus is on safety, quality and practical use

We pay great attention to detail and focus on safety, quality, practical use as well as the aesthetic appearance. Our galvanised barn equipment is manufactured with the same care and quality standards as the powder-coated versions or those made of stainless steel. This is the only way we can meet your expectations of our brand.

Röwer & Rüb horse stalls can be equipped with different stall fronts. It is a question of taste whether the stalls should be half-open and curved or closed and fitted with a grille flap. Very individual wishes can also be fulfilled. You even have a choice with the troughs. Each customer decides personally whether the trough is fixed behind a feed flap or can be filled from outside as a rotating trough.

The partition walls are designed as contact grilles and can be equipped with a privacy screen at the feeding place. Depending on requirements, the stall partition walls are static, hinged or extending.

Large range of products

Outdoor stalls are also included in our range. Outdoor stalls are a robust, attractive and practical solution when it comes to environmentally friendly horse management. There are many different configuration options. Outdoor stalls can be arranged in rows or as L or U shapes.

Stable windows and outdoor stall doors are equipped with safety glass and can be fitted with protective grilles. The different designs allow harmonious exterior styling for your horse stables.

Barn and stable doors are also part of the design of a horse stable and therefore are important for that first impression. We would be happy to discuss your wishes with you to ensure that everything is cast from the same mould. We then ensure that everything is easy to use, attractive, safe and robust.

Our product range naturally also includes our horsewalkers. We can find a solution for almost all space requirements. Round horsewalkers are available as the Freimatic tower horsewalker and the Teomatic ring horsewalker. Oval horsewalkers can be installed on rectangular plots or in existing barns and halls. All horsewalkers are equipped with secure fences. Round arenas and track roofs provide additional protection against the weather. Teomatic horsewalkers also have a free interior space that can be used for storage or exercising.

The riding track drags round off the portfolio. The robust devices can be attached to small vehicles such as quads. They can also be attached to tractors -  fully in accordance with your wishes and needs.

We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and wishes for your horse stables and riding facilities.


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