Safety in horsewalkers

Horsewalkers have proven themselves to be a very useful additional training tools at many equestrian facilities. Although the daily use of horsewalkers is a matter of course for many riding facility and horse owners, safety is always a major priority.


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In practical use, horses are often brought into the horsewalker one after the other.

This means that the horsewalker has to be stopped every time a new horse arrives to minimise any possible risk of injury, for example from a passing safety grille. For this reason a stop button is installed on the switchboxes of Röwer & Rüb horsewalkers. We have added an extra safety feature to make absolutely sure that the horsewalker is stopped when a new horse is introduced into the walker or one is taken out. When the gate to the horsewalker is opened, the system stops automatically. This safety switch is triggered when the door handle is pulled back and makes Röwer & Rüb horsewalkers particularly safe to use.


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