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Röwer & Rüb is 40 years old – quality makes history

40 years – truly a reason for celebration.In 1978 everything started in Blender with a team of 20. What was originally a small family... more...

The ultimate in equestrian sport in Munich Riem

Pferd International will be opening its gates once more in Munich Riem from 10 -13 May 2018.Spectators will be able to enjoy outstanding... more...

Future Day at Röwer & Rüb – young students were enthusiastic

Touching and trying are expressly allowed.Our trainees Luisa, Lajos and Finn prepared an attractive programme for our young guests, for... more...

About us

The Röwer & Rüb GmbH, designs and manufactures best-quality products for equestrian facilities - horse stalls, horse walkers, outdoor stables, and more. We´re proud to offer the perfect solution for any project, from a small outdoor stable, a private riding facility, to an exclusive equestrian center. Read more about us here.


The Röwer & Rüb services complement our products and we offer consulting, planning, visualization and product installation. Read more about our service here.

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